Super Self-Care Sunday

I, like many people in the New Year, began 2017 with the notion of a fresh start.

For me, that meant doing a 30 day cleanse. All the imbibing and freedom to eat whatever since, well...Halloween was really starting to catch up with me. All the things that are usually a cause for celebration, mainly cocktails and good food, became too often and really uneventful; as in; not even that enjoyable, just more of a habit that had formed. So enough was enough.

If you know much about me, then you know I am a devout advocate of self-care. I spent the better part of 18 months in 2014 and 2015 with the illustrious Lara Vesta in Magnetize Studio workshops to learn this practice and learn it well, in a deeply nourishing way. Who knew it would take such time to access a self-care practice as a non-negotiable way of life? I didn't until I went through her courses, finished my Moon Divas Certification and applied all that I learned to my regular life. I've haven't turned away since.

Self-Care it is.

When in doubt: Self-Care.

Want to push through some shit? Self-Care.

Lost for answers? Self Care.

You get the point.

So, as I mentioned, on January 2nd I decided to embark on a 30 day cleanse. I knew the first 4-5 days would be rough, mostly from sugar cravings and fatigue as my body weaned off the gluttony. I had accelerated this process with Apple-Cider vinegar, ghee in my tea and coconut water. These were the only measures I took at first to start the cleansing process. Without telling you all the gory details I can say this....It was DEFINITELY working.

During the first few days, I was taking it easy on myself, too. More water, more relaxing - but inevitably as a solopreneur, still working. Friday I went for a soak in the hot springs and by Friday night I was done for. Totally ILL. I got super sick. It was a, get these toxins out of my body kinda sick. On Friday night and most of Saturday I slept. I don't take over-the-counter drugs so I mildly self-cared with tea, EmergenC and rest.

By the 3rd day I called in the major reinforcements.

These items included:

- Lemon Water

- My Young Living essential oil favorites:

(Thieves, Immupower, Frankincense, Joy, Lemon, Cobaiba and Purification)

- SinutolEm that I got from Discover Health

- My tongue scraper

(lovingly prescribed by my friend, nutritionist and client Lila at LO Solutions)

- Mint Hibiscus CBD edible from Leif Medicinals, picked up at Bloom Well

- A candle-lit hot bath with 3-4 drops of all aforementioned oils