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2 / 2 / 2020


Go beyond self-care to gain a deeper sense of true Self Love.

As you grow + thrive as a business owner, leader and/or entrepreneur in your community, you start to understand

3 very important factors that you need as a Boss Babe.


You Must:

+ Trust your core values

+ Maintain confidence in your decisions

+ Know your self-worth


Now more than ever.

This starts with being kind to yourself and having a generous regard for your soul-level success + happiness. 

Self Love.


In this day-long immersive summit you'll go beyond the principles of self care to build a strong foundation of Self Love. We'll navigate this together with guidance from our dynamic speakers, in breakout sessions + in conversation. You will tend to your badass boss babe self; shifting your mindset from one of fear and doubt, to one of empowered abundance + self-kindness in your business and personal life.

Join us for a full day dedicated to YOU.

Yes, You! Self Love Summit

will be held at 

Eugene's Premiere Event Space: Venue 252

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

2 / 2 / 2020


Speakers + Workshops

Coffee + Catered lunch

Free On-Site Chair Massage

Community Art

Tarot in the Zen Den

Optional Mix + Mingle Happy Hour (5:00-7:00pm)

One free drink included in ticket price.


Plus, see what additional perks are included in ticket price.



Click on speaker photo for full bio.

Click on speaker photo for full bio.

Click on speaker photo for full bio.

Liora Sponko - Empowerment Coach
Liora Sponko is an Empowerment Coach helping visionaries, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals transform their dreams into profitable careers. Liora has been coaching for over five years and provides both individual and group coaching programs. Liora also serves as the Executive Director for Lane Arts Council and has led the organization to astounding success by quadrupling their budget and impact.
Rukshana Triem - CEO, Author + Coach
For 10 yrs Rukshana lived in refugee camps in Malawi, Zimbabwe + Mozambique. At 15 she finally got to travel to the U.S. but still had to fight the sexual abuse & trauma she encountered. Her family was constantly fighting while growing up. For 20 yrs voices were loud, egos were bruised, abuses occurred. She is now happy to say that her life did not continue this way. After years of self-development she found peace. She now shares this w/ women to help them achieve the life they've always wanted.
Elizabeth Suzanne Shapiro LCSW
Elizabeth Suzanne Shapiro is a licensed clinical social worker, therapeutic ritualist + healing artist, certified Yoga Teacher + Reiki Practitioner. After supporting marginalized communities as a therapist for over 8 yrs, Elizabeth felt compelled to explore more holistic approaches to empower emotional wellness. She is passionate about the reclaiming of spirituality + is pioneering the no wrong way ritual revolution. She helps women cultivate compassion to promote emotional wellness.
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Holly Roberson - Founder, Boss Babes Eugene


Holly is a local business owner + serial Boss Babe. She started Boss Babes Eugene in June 2018 to support women on their journey to elevate their business + their badass self.

This Self Love summit is the first of it's kind here in Eugene; the culmination of a year of

Boss Babes gathering in our community to connect with one another, collaborate, share resources and learn. 



Gather + Connect

Circle of Intentions | Elizabeth Suzanne Shapiro LCSW

Opening Remarks | Holly Roberson, Founder of Boss Babes Eugene

Keynote Speaker | Liora Sponko | Business Success Starts with Self-Awareness

11:00 AM

Workshop | Breakout Session 1


Catered Lunch by Market of Choice | On-site


Workshop | Breakout Session 2


Gather + Share

Closing Remarks | Rukshana Triem


Mix + Mingle Happy Hour in Venue 252 Lobby

*registration includes one free drink. Cash bar.


Awesome local + sustainable swag bags given upon arrival.

Workshop Sessions are chosen two weeks before event. You will choose two of three workshops.

Lunch is included in registration, served on-site with vegetarian + gluten-free options available.

Our Mix + Mingle Happy Hour concludes our event and goes until 7:00PM.

One free drink per registration (optional to attend) plus cash bar.

As entrepreneurs, you are clearly passionate about building your business, but might be struggling to make real progress on your goals. Often we are stopped from taking action because of the fears and disempowering stories we tell ourselves. During this highly participatory workshop Liora will help you uncover your path to business success by transforming your fears into inspired action.


You will develop empowering mindset tools to:


  • Get clear on your vision and goals

  • Uncover the fears that keep you stuck

  • Take action and produce results!

Take this opportunity to level up with Liora + your fellow Boss Babes.

Building an Empowering Mindset for Business Success: Transform Your Fears Into Inspired Action!

with Liora Sponko, Empowerment Coach


If this sounds like the workshop for you, choose Workshop 1 when you register. You will be choosing two workshops total.

Does money stress you out?

Are you being stifled by scarcity mindset?

Are you ready for a breakthrough in abundance!?


Abundance is your birthright boss babe. And yet, somehow, we have been conditioned to believe there is just not enough. 

We have spent our lives inundated with unhelpful beliefs from our current culture and well intentioned adults. We are suffocated by scarcity mindset that steals our joy and unnecessarily increases our anxiety. The FEAR STOPS HERE SISTER. 


In this workshop you will:

  • Discover the unhelpful belief sabotaging your success

  • Learn the basics of Law of Attraction and the critical practice to consciously cultivate wealth

  • Re-wire your heart mind + gain tools to manifest the moolah



Awaken to your wildly wealthy self! You ready for this?

Money Mindset Makeover: Abundant Boss Babes Count Their Blessings

with Elizabeth Suzanne Shapiro LCSW


If this sounds like the workshop for you, choose Workshop 2 when you register. You will be choosing two workshops total.

The quality of our lives is determined by how we feel moment-to-moment. Our ability to use positive affirmations to keep ourselves thinking + talking about what we want is one of your most important goals. In this workshop you will learn the power of affirmations through interactive practice. We'll listen to music while writing our affirmations, participate in activity that will highlight how much distraction of self talk we are surrounded by, and finish by taking turns sharing our I AM statements.



  • Awareness of self talk

  • Confidence to speak to yourself with kindness

  • Ways how to use I am statements 

  • Ways to create self love habits 

  • A greater sense of compassion for yourself


You will leave with a Declaration Board, Self Love recording of  I AM statement, and a powerful recording of your voice!

I AM: The Power of Affirmations Through Self Talk. Learning to Speak to Ourselves with Love

with Rukashana Triem, CEO, Author + Coach


If this sounds like the workshop for you, choose Workshop 3 when you register. You will be choosing two workshops total.


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Happy Hour
Tarot in the Zen Den

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