Holly Roberson
Owner, with Soul™ Media Agency

My life motto: Be the Ripple.

My entrepreneurial career-life started many moons ago and has since produced 5 businesses over the past 20 years.

From national art sales rep to massage/energy healing practitioner; small business consultant to events instigator, and now, social media consultant + strategist, and creative force. 

A snapshot:

In my former career-life I spent 10 years in the entertainment industry, in Hollywood, as a production manager in commercial + music video production. I left that career to pursue the healing arts and became a certified and licensed massage therapist and energy healing practitioner. During that time I also started a family, opened a brick and mortar retail business, ran a national wholesale art production company and transitioned from having a full-time job to being a 

full-time independent business owner. I haven't looked back since. 

I am a curious + deeply thoughtful human.

I am a mother, wife, business owner, creatress, a guide and an ally.

I am a lover of listening, a traveler and a seeker.

I was lucky enough to get a second chance at marriage and have a relationship that is of my wildest dreams; one where we travel often, laugh intensely and energetically move through life with our blended family of 3 young men. Additionally, my life has been shaped with education in the fields of human services, sociology, physiology,

creative writing, energy work, moon diva work and ceremonies for communities.

I started with Soul™ in 2014 and answer to the title of Social Media Strategist + Creative Business Consultant. This role is a combination of all the aforementioned plus 10+ years experience utilizing social media marketing to help small to medium-sized companies (my own + others) grow successfully.


My focus is helping female-owned, creative businesses, agencies, causes, individuals in the arts and start-up endeavors highlight their passions with strategy and with soul; where digital meets the maker and projects become profitable. 


My spare time is woven in with my work-life. My "spare" time is why I do what I do; so I can spend time with my family,

explore this beautiful earth, travel to connect with others and take photos along the way.

Beyond my biz, mother/wifehood:

I am the founder of Boss Babes Eugene, a group for individuals that want to

ELEVATE, CONNECT, COLLABORATE, MEET new people, build relationships in our COMMUNITY

and get SUPPORT in their business, on special projects, with innovative IDEAS or various endeavors. 

I have also designed + led women's project manifestation groups I call "Radical Sista Circles" for women that

want to move through to their next level + make radical life changes happen.

That's me in a nutshell. Now, I'd like to hear about you! 

Let's get coffee + Let's collaborate.

This can be virtual or in-person depending on your location.

Please indicate such when booking.